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Aplastic anemia is related to alterations in T cell receptor signaling

	author = {Yankai Xiao and Suwen Zhao and Bo Li},
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	abstract = {Aplastic anemia (AA) is a disease characterized by bone marrow hematopoietic dysfunction and peripheral blood pancytopenia, which is thought to be mediated by an abnormal T cell-induced immune response. T cell receptor (TCR) signaling is pivotal for T cell development and function. An aberrant TCR signaling leads to an unbalanced immune system that can result in a range of immune-related disorders, including autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, and tumors. In this article, we briefly review the T cell immune pathophysiology of AA, the physiology of normal TCR signaling and its regulatory factors, and clinical and laboratory findings of TCR signaling molecules and their regulatory factors in AA.},
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