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Schwann cells: an emerging player in tissue regeneration

	author = {Adam P. W. Johnston},
	title = {Schwann cells: an emerging player in tissue regeneration},
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	abstract = {The neural crest is a transient developmental structure which gives rise to a host of diverse cellular lineages as well as bona fide multipotent stem that persist into late development (1)  and potentially thereafter. One of these neural crest derivatives, Schwann cells, function primarily as physical and trophic support for nerve axons; however, recent work has highlighted their remarkable phenotypic and functional plasticity in a variety to cellular contexts (2). In this regard, our recent work (3) has contributed to the growing Schwann cell “resume” and provides further support for non-canonical functions of Schwann cells in tissue repair and homeostasis. Herein, I will further discuss commentary supplied by Kaucha and colleagues (4) and Montoro and colleagues (5)  regarding our recent investigation of the role of de-differentiated Schwann cells, termed Schwann cell precursors (SCPs) in digit regeneration (3).},
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