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Arid1a controls tissue regeneration

	author = {Shuai Wu and Rugang Zhang and Benjamin G. Bitler},
	title = {Arid1a controls tissue regeneration},
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	year = {2016},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Switch/Sucrose non-fermentable (SWI/SNF) chromatin remodeling complexes are crucial for regulating temporal and spatial gene expression during development (1). SWI/SNF 
disrupts the DNA-histone interaction in an ATPase-dependent manner, alters the chromatin architecture and promotes a “poised” chromatin state (2,3). The poised state of chromatin makes it accessible for specific transcriptional regulators to facilitate tissue-specific gene expression profiles (4-6). SWI/SNF function is highly dependent on its subunit composition. Several SWI/SNF subunits, such as BAF155, BAF250a/b (ARID1A/B) and BRG1, are reported to affect self-renewal and differentiation in many tissues and embryonic stem (ES) cells (6-8). SWI/SNF complexes also increase transcriptional reprogramming efficiency during development (9). These studies implicate the SWI/SNF complexes are essential to embryonic development and tissue-specific differentiation.},
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