Article Abstract

Graft predominance after double umbilical cord blood transplantation: a review

Authors: Jan J. Cornelissen, Burak Kalin, Cor H. J. Lamers


Several parameters are involved in graft predominance after double umbilical cord blood transplantation (dUCBT), of which T-cell alloreactivity between the grafts is now considered to be the major denominator. We recently showed that alloreactive CD4+ T-cells originating from the predominant CBU recognize HLA-class II allele mismatches and can readily be detected in the majority of patients. In addition, it was shown that HLA-class II allele-specific CD4+ T-cells were able to recognize primary leukemic cells when the mismatched HLA-class II allele was shared between the rejected CBU and the patient. These results further underscored the role of alloreactive T-cells, notably class II specific CD4+ T-cells, in graft-versus-graft reactions and in graft-versus-leukemia after dUCBT.