Article Abstract

De-liver CLiPs and revitalize hepatocytes

Authors: Ali-Reza Sadri, Saeid Amini-Nik


The liver is a highly quiescent organ, which has made the existence of hepatic stem cells debatable (1). However, upon injury, the liver shows a remarkable regenerative capacity unmatched by most human organs (2,3). Recent findings shed new light on the origins of liver progenitor cells (LPCs) and source of new hepatocytes during homeostasis and repair. Numerous groups have found that mature hepatocytes (MHs) themselves are the source of hepatic progenitor cells that contribute to liver regeneration (4,5). These findings highlight the plasticity of hepatocytes and a potential target for cell-based therapy in patients with severe liver dysfunction. If hepatocytes have that capacity in vivo, reprogramming of MHs in vitro might be a step in attaining liver regeneration.